Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bringing home Baby Owen!

This is how we started our week out before it got busy.  Lulu loves to go for walks and on Monday we didn't even have time to get dressed for the day before Lulu decided we had to go for our walk.  Here we are taking a break from our long walk to the end of our street.  She is one funny girl. 

Later that day Cody got off work early so we could end into the hospital to take this little boy home with us. We were very excited.  Monday was my birthday and for my birthday all I wanted was to be able to bring this little bundle of joy home with me and my wish came true.  The day he came home he turned one month old, I can't believe that for the first month of this little mans life he had to spend it in a hospital room and not at home with his family.  

When we arrived at the hospital this is how the little guys looked,  it seems like he is looking at me like mom get me out of this place.  

This is what his board said the day he came home.  He weighed just over 6 lbs what a big boy!

Look at that sweet face.

His going home outfit he is already a little to big for it.  

A before going home picture with mom and Owen

A before going home picture with Dad and Owen

In his car seat and ready for the adventure of going home. 

Lulu was sick over the weekend so when we brought Owen home we had to keep the two of them separated so he wouldn't get sick.  So when we got home we took him back to our room before Lulu saw him and for a whole day she had no idea he was home.  I would sneak into the back room to feed him change him and hold him and she had no idea he was here. On Tuesday night when she was all better we brought him out to show her.

This was her face when she first saw him big eyes!  It was pretty funny!

Lulu saying hi to the baby!

Giving Owen a Kiss!

Holding Owen for the first time.  Lulu calls Owen "Baby Brother" it is so cute!

Hanging out on the floor together.

Holding Owen!

Owen's first bath at home.  Lulu was a big helper. 

Having two kids keeps you busy that is for sure but I wouldn't trade it for a thing I love it so much.  They are so cute and they are growing up way to fast slow down kiddos!  Momma wants you to stay little forever!

Lulu taking care of her baby doll!

 On Friday Owen turned another week older. 

Lulu loves to hold "Baby Brother"

Lulu loves to Kiss "Baby Brother"

Lulu another week older to.  
She picked her outfit out I picked out the skirt and I had a different shirt picked out with leggings and she wanted to wear this shirt with these tights this flower and boots. 

This little girl loves her baby brother so much she always wants to be right next to him kissing him, hugging him.  She loves to help me change his diapers her job is to take the lid of the diaper cream and then hand me the cream it is pretty cute.  She loves to help me feed him his bottles and she loves to hold him. She is a good big sister. 

In the middle of pictures Lulu decided she wanted a different flower in her hair.  

 The other day we were sitting at the table and Lulu was coloring and she started to tell jokes I had no idea what she was saying but she would talk and then start laughing so hard like she was telling us jokes.  She is one silly girl. She also was eating chocolate and she had some on her tooth I was trying to take a picture of it but it didn't work so well. 

We went out to dinner last night and the wait time was a half hour and so here Cody, my Dad, and Lulu holding on the buzzer thing giving it thoughts to buzz to say it is our turn to be seated.   It was super cute!  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ducks, Swings and Baby Brothers

This week we went and fed the ducks which Lulu loved doing which you can't tell by this face but she loved it.  

Well she loved it until this big guy decided that he wasn't going to wait for Lulu to throw the bread and just decided to take it out of her hand and accidentally bit her hand at the same time.  Poor girl she didn't like feeding the ducks after that.  

After feeding the ducks we went to the swings Lulu loves to swing she could do it all day long if she could.  

Silly Girl!

When I went to see this little guy today he had a pacifier in his mouth and I just thought it was so cute!  I love how big it is compared to his face. 

Look at this movie star with her purple cool shades on.

Our little buddy is 4 weeks old.  I can't believe he has been in the hospital for 4 weeks we are so ready for him to come home. 

Notice anything different about this little guy today?
That's right they removed his feeding tube because he has been eating his full feedings from the bottle.  Way to go little guy!

Lulu has been sick today poor girl.  The one nice thing about Lulu being sick is that she will cuddle with you she doesn't like to do that very much these days.  Cody was in heaven cuddling with her today.  

This little girl is another week older and she sure loves her Elmo she had to have him in her pictures.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Making Progress

 My sweet little Owen has started taking bottles and learning how to nurse.  Once he can learn how to do that and get that feeding tube out of his nose then he can come home.  Here he is drinking his first bottle.

Look at that squishy face!

Love him!

Aunt Serena saying hi to the little guy!

Great Grandma Guptill and Owen!

Every night they weigh Owen to see how much he has gained during the day.  

Mom with baby!

So cute I just want to stick him in my pocket and take him home with me!

Gammie and Aunt Jess and cousin Asher came into town for a visit and to see little Owen.  Thanks for coming you guys it was so much fun to see you!

Lulu and Asher giving hugs, they are buddies!  Lulu is always walking around asking for Asher, Jess, and Gammie!

My little buddy has been in the hospital for 3 weeks now I'm so ready for him to come home!

Daddy and baby Owen

He is the sweetest baby he hardly ever cries and when he does it is for a second and it is for a good reason! 

Little girl is another week older

I don't know how I messed up with the weekly pictures but to fix it I had to put week 4 and week 5 on this post.  But I hope this will be fixed after this.  
I love this picture of her because she let me clip a flower in her hair for 5 seconds before pulling it out but she at least waited for me to take the picture before she took it out. 

She looks so grown up in this picture.  This little girl loves to take care of her baby doll.  I wonder if she will be that good with her little brother.  

The other day Lulu was being super quite so my mom went looking for her and found her out in the garage playing in the laundry basket she is so funny!