Monday, October 26, 2009


I feel like I'm always a week or two behind in posting on my blog, my goal is to be more on top of it. Two weekends ago Cody's sister Danielle and her family were in town for a cousin's wedding. So we packed the car full and headed to thanksgiving Point to Cornbellys with Danielle, Josh, Sadie, Sam, Dan, Peggy, Cody and me it was so much fun!
Here Sam is driving Sadie to the corn maze! They are such cute and fun kids!

Sam and Cody are driving the tractor it was so cute watching them driving around on this tractor/bike!

Oh no Cody and I are lost in the corn maze. Someone HELP!

Josh and Cody riding on the cow train it was so funny for all of us adults ridding on this! I felt like a kid again it was fun!

Cody was so happy to be ridding the cow train!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I went to Oregon for a long weekend and we were busy from the time I got there until the minute I left! Angie and the kids came up for a visit while I was there and we went to the Pumpkin patch, My mom, Serena, Angie, the kids and I all went and it was so much fun!

Here is Jaron with his pick of the pumpkins he was so excited he got right down next to it to show his excitment!

Here is Kallie she had a hard time deciding on just one pumpkin so she had to have some time to think it over. She decided and it wasn't on either one of those it was a bigger and better pumpkin!
Here is Karlee she was so happy she was running all over the place checking out all the pumpkins. We would have her old a little pumpkin so we could take a picture but she thought they were little balls and would throw them it was so funny!

Oh Kelsie she cracks me up, look at her face she is so happy about holding this pumpkin. This is her pumpkin and it was the very first one she saw and touched she was in love at first sight!
Here we all are carving our pumpkins it was so much fun and a wonderful day!

Here is Kelsie with her pumpkin and he is all craved she was so proud!

Look at Kallie she was so funny. Serena put some fake spiders on her pumpkin and all the kids thought that was cool so they had to put spiders on their pumpkins as well. Once Kallie did she wanted nothing to do with her pumpkin she was so scared of it it was so funny!

After we finished our pumpkins we played the doughnut game, it was so much fun and so funny to watch everyone eating their doughnuts. Even my dad Scott Guptill played and guess what???????

He Won! Go Dad!
He was even holding Karlee the whole time and he still won!

The kids made halloween costumes out of paper bags it was fun making them. Jaron was a rubiks cube, Kelsie was a clown, Kallie was a Super Star, and Karlee was a Pirate but she didnn't like the idea of wearing that costume on her head, I don't know why! It was a cute idea and the kids had fun making them and wearing them. After the kids were done making their costumes they went trick or treating around the house where they would knock on each door in the house and someone was there to give them candy it was fun and a cute idea! It was so much fun going home!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Brithday!

So this is a couple of weeks late but I had to blog about me turning another year older. It first started on Tuesday before my birthday when my friends from Salt Lake took me out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurant Texas Rode House so yummy. It was fun to see all of my friends and to celebrate my birthday.
Here Kristi, Jess, and Megan are enjoying their yummy food.

Here I'm sitting on the saddle I would like to call it a bull but as you can see it is only a saddle. I like the man behind me he is very excited to be singing me happy birthday in front of the whole restaurant. Thanks guys for taking me out for my birthday!Cody took me out to dinner at Outback steak house and the food was wonderful there to. After we ate dinner I insisted that I had to have a cake with a candle in it so I could blow out the candle and make a birthday wish. Cody decided to tell me that birthday wishes don't come true I told him yes they do and that I just had to make a wish so he asked if we could get a piece of cake with a candle in it. I was so excited to blow the candle out to make my wish, but while Cody was taking my picture I blew the candle out with my nose I was so sad because I didn't even get to make my wish!
After dinner Cody took me to his parents house to find out that he had some friends over to play rock band and eat lots of cake and ice cream.
Here I am with my yummy cake and it had two candles in it for me to blow out so don't worry I was able to make my birthday wish that I wanted to make. Cody only told me that birthday wishes don't come true because he had a cake waiting for me at his parents house. What a silly boy. But when I said that I wanted to make a wish I didn't mean it had to be right then right now I just wanted one before the night was over!

We sure partied, we played rock band and we rocked out. Here is Nikki and Andrea rocking the Guitars.

Here are some of the guys getting crazy. Cody is on the drums, Corey is singing, and Adam is on the guitar.

Here is Krystal singing and her lovely husband is the back up singer go Adam!

Here is our crazy and wild drummer Nikki she loved playing the drums!

We were the crazy fans rocking out to the great show and wonderful music! It was so much fun thanks Cody for a wonderful birthday and thank you for everyone who celebrated it with me!