Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome Baby Campbell!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post on my blog but I have been pretty busy lately, you ask why I thought you were just being the hen sitting on her egg to keep him warm well I was until August 24Th I went into labor and had our baby boy.  
Here is a picture of me before I had the baby.

And then here I am after I had our sweet little boy named Owen he came in to this world on August 24th at 5:12 pm weighing 4 lbs 10 ounces he came at 32 weeks and 1 day.  Our goal was to keep him in until 35 weeks and then they would do a c-section because at 35 weeks it would be safe for the little guy to come and then by the end of my hospital stay he would be able to come home with me.  But he had other plans and came 3 weeks earlier then we were hoping.  But even with coming so early our little guy looks good and and it is making such good progress.  

Here is a picture of Owen with his Mommy!

He had a little bit of jaundice so he had to be on lights for a little while and he had to wear this cute and very cool glasses on his eyes.  I was one happy mom once those were able to come off, I felt so sad for him to have those on everyday all day long. 

Cody's parents were in town visiting when little buddy came so they got to meet him before they headed home.  I don't know why we didn't get a picture of them next to his bed.  
Serena and Randall came to see him. 

My grandma and dad I don't know why we didn't get a picture of my mom. 

While we are busy running back and forth to the hospital to see the baby we try to spend as much time as we can with this crazy little girl here she is wearing a pretty clip in her hair she is one silly girl.  

The other day I wanted to see if Lulu's winter coat from last year would still fit her so we put  it on her and then she didn't want to take it off so she had to wear it to bed.  It still fits her. 

Me kissing my sweet sweet baby boy! I love him so so much and I just can't wait to bring that little fellow home with me. 

My sweet sweet baby boy!  He has a feeding tube in his nose to feed him.

I think this is the first time in two years that I forgot to take a weekly picture of Lulu, I guess with everything going on with our new little one I forgot.  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week Five In The Hospital and a Very Special Birthday!

My sweet Little Lulu turned 2 on Tuesday.
I can't believe that it has been two whole years since Lulu joined our little family.  And what joy she has brought into our lives.  She sure makes us laugh everyday with the things she comes up with.  I can't believe how much she has grown in just the last couple of months.  She is saying so many more words.  She loves to  dance and sing.  She loves to do somersaults, she loves to hang and swing on everything that she can.  She loves to jump, she loves taking care of the baby in my tummy.  She also loves loves Elmo.

For Lulu's birthday I was in the hospital which means we had to have her party in the hospital .  From lots of help from my sisters, my mom, and Cody we were able to put a pretty good party together.  My sister Angie made this banner, the birthday banner, and Lulu's cute outfit. 

Cody got Lulu this very cute and big Elmo balloon and she loved it.  I love that it is bigger then she is.  Here is a picture of Lulu before she got into her birthday outfit. 

Elmo and Lulu in her birthday outfit.
She loved this Elmo balloon but who wouldn't.

Lulu is 2 I can't believe it.

I made this Elmo face to play Pin The Nose On Elmo!

Lulu working her way to pin her nose on Elmo. I love this picture of her I just think it is so cute!

Grandma took a turn.

My dad was up next and Cody the trickster that he is put a garbage can in front of Elmo to trick my dad.  I love that Lulu is pointing to Elmo's nose trying to show Pop pop where to put Elmo's nose.  My dad while blind folded asked Lulu where her nose was and she kept pointing to her nose like it's right here.  

I had a turn to and I love Lulu's face she is so excited for me!

Lulu helped spin Ma2!  
She loved playing this game.

After pin the nose on Elmo, Lulu opened her presents.  She did a great job opening all of her presents.

Our nurse brought Lulu a present form all of our nurses.  They all think Lulu is so cute and they just love her.

After presents we headed outside to do the cake.  Here Aunt Serena is carrying the birthday girl outside. 

Mommy and Lulu before we sang happy birthday.  Lulu was so excited for the Big Bird and Elmo cars more than the cake.  

Lulu blowing out the candles.  Don't mind the frosting falling off the cake, I think Elmo and Big Bird got a little crazy while driving around the cake. 

 Eating the frosting!

 I Love Her!

The birthday girl and Daddy!

After cake we did Cookie Monster and Elmo blowers. 

Then we blew bubbles, I love this face.

Lulu blowing bubbles.

Her party was a success one thing I wish was different was that Lulu could have had some of her little friends come join in the fun.  I guess there is always next year. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week Four In the Hospital

Lulu and Cody got back from Utah on Tuesday!  Lulu had a little family party while they were there and she got this cute princess crown she also has her very own water bottle from the hospital like mommy. While Cody and Lulu were gone my mom came and stayed with me at the hospital so I wasn't her all alone and help the time go by faster. 

Lulu loves to eat pudding and she makes a good mess while doing it. 


Lulu loves to lay in my bed, here she is hiding under the covers. 

Daddy and Lulu eating dinner in our room.

My Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Greg and family from California were driving through and stopped by to see us. 

My friend Erin from high school came to visit and her daughter and Lulu had lots of fun playing together.  Here Lilian is reading Lulu a story.

Erin and I

We love her so much!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week Three In The Hospital!

We have now been in the hospital for three weeks.  This is what we have been up to this week. 
Lulu had crawled under my sheets and was watching Elmo.

Lulu loves to clean my room here she is cleaning the equipment.  She is so funny whenever a nurse comes in wherever she is she has to come over next to my bed or on my bed to watch the nurses do their stuff.  She knows everything that they do and she makes sure they don't forget any of them.  When they check my blood pressure she puts her hand on my leg and holds it there until I'm done getting my blood pressure taken.   After my blood pressure she knows they should take my temperature so she opens her mouth and points into her mouth to tell the nurses to take my temperature.  Then when they monitor the baby she wont let me touch my tummy at all she tells me no and pushes my hands away from my tummy.  Then while they are monitoring the baby she will sit next to me and touch and monitors and say baby, and then she will kiss each one over and over.  She is so silly by the end of this hospital stay Lulu will be a registered nurse. 

Lulu and Cody have been taking daily trips out to the park after nap time and here they are ready to go.  Lulu has to carry her Elmo bag all the way to the car she is so funny. 

We have been playing lots of play dough and Lulu loves it her favorite thing to do with the play dough is have Cody and I make play dough balls and then she pulls them apart and then makes us make them into balls again over and over again.  

Here she is making a lobster.

Here she is surprised that she made a lobster. 

Lulu painted a train for her baby brother she did a good job. 

More play dough time!

My friend from high school just had her baby a week ago and they came in to visit us.  Baby Noel is a cutie.
Sarina, Jason, and baby Noel with Lulu and me. 

Only one more week before this little girl turns 2 that is so crazy to me.  I love her so much!

Lulu and Cody flew to Utah for a couple of days and Here is a picture of Lulu with her cousin Asher get their feet washed by Gammie.  Lulu loves her feet being washed. 

They headed down to St. George this morning for Little Becker's baby blessing, with all the family.  Here is a picture of all the cousins minus Becker!  I love it! So cute. They are wearing shirts that Bumpa and Gammie brought back for them from there trip.