Sunday, April 27, 2014

Family Adventures!

Lulu looks so grown up in this picture and she is growing up so fast.  
Lately this little girl has been crazy about rollie pollies and ladybugs.  She will find them then keep them in plastic containers for weeks and carry them everywhere, I mean everywhere. The first Ladybug she had lived for like three weeks I'm not even kidding she had it for three weeks.  Well it finally died and when it did Cody and I told her during dinner that her ladybug was dead.  She said with a  smile he's just sleeping and as she was saying sleeping she realized that we were telling her the truth and she started to cry.  It broke my heart, I started to cry myself.  She really did love that ladybug!

Owen likes to stand by lulu to get his picture taken.  although I'm not sure what he is doing here. 

He was mad at me. 

Bath time with goggles!

We had to get the oil changed and Lulu wanted to hold Owen on her lap so bad. 

Lulu really likes "rotten eggs" as she will call them.  Hard boil eggs and she loves to take the shell off. 

Owen put his sunglasses on all by himself and he was pretty proud of himself!

We went to the Zoo with the Burninghams.  I love Owens smile!

I want to get Owen a Giants hat,  he looks so cute!

Lulu Pointing the Golden Gate Park

We went exploring as a family!

Lulu saw this bear and had to get her picture with him!

Daddy and Lulu at Muir Woods!

Family picture!

Just chilling!

Cody was making smoothie and asked if anyone wanted some and Owen was so cute saying "me"!

Lulu got some new shades and loves them!

Going swimming!

Sister Brother Love!

Checking for Mail!

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